Sin Undone

Sin Undone

By Larissa Ione

Rating 3/5

Reading time 5 hours.

Sin Undone is the fourth Demonica novel I have read and so far is the only one with a slight jarring effect.  Larissa Ione seems less comfortable with the character of Sin than she did with the other characters in this series and consequently she seems to have less involvement with her.  Or maybe it was my involvement with Sin that was lessened due to reading this book without having first read Ecstasy Unveiled.  Hopefully Ecstasy Unveiled will be in my eager little hands within the next few days and then I can see if my reaction to this is purely a case of reading the books out of order or if it is a true case of dissatisfaction with the novel.

The book itself is workmanship.  It delivers exactly what you expect.  The development of the underlying storyline of the final great battle continues and the catch up with the lives of Seminus demons and other minor characters is welcome.  It is good to read the development in the lives of all the main characters.

The snippy, humorous conversations are in full swing, the characters are fully rounded and the concern that each of the brothers show for Sin is delightful.  This book is good for a light afternoon read, shows the development of the overarching story and allows for the development of new stories with these characters.


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